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George Floyd is NOT Stephen Jackson & Other Disinfo Campaigns

Controlled Opposition has run rampant in research groups for many years, and many dont believe it’s been hijacked. The majority of “the truthers” do not check the source of where they are getting their images from. Who made the images that they are sharing? They dont know, they just share it. Little do they know is that it is being used against them. The term “George Floyd Denier” is already gaining a trend, and one of the reasons put forth by people that claim “George Floyd isn’t dead” is because they have “a meme” they got from someone they dont know, and which was created on purpose for them to look bad. It’s clear there is an agenda because they are pushing these false images really hard all over the social networks.

Image below on the left shared hundreds of thousands of times with no checking. Meme states “George Floyd standing with his family muorning over his “DEATH”
The image is actually of NBA Pro Basketball Player Stephen Jackson: Instagram _stak5_
Source: https://www.nba.com/article/2020/05/29/stephen-jackson-karl-anthony-towns-george-floyd-conference
“Former NBA player Stephen Jackson says he’ll use his platform and “everything I have to get a conviction” for the four Minneapolis police officers who were fired after George Floyd’s death. Jackson, like Floyd, is from Houston and said they were friends. The handcuffed black man died after pleading for air as a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck.

People are saying that George Floyd is Stephens “twin” but don’t understand that they call themselves “twins” because they grew up together and looked alike, they are not blood related.

You can see the height difference between Stephen Jackson and George Floyd from _stak5_’s official Instagram account.

Obama Foundation website (obama.org) updates their Preview Image and causes all the obama.org links to change it’s preview picture to a George Floyd sign, causing mass confusion that Floyd was featured in October 2019.

Preview Image Update Instructions Twitter: https://nealschaffer.com/tweet-link-preview-image-twitter/
Obama Foundation Oct 2019 Source: https://twitter.com/ObamaFoundation/status/1189209929799864320

The Obama.org website can also be shown on President Trumps Inauguration Day January 20, 2017 showing how the updating of a website preview image changes all the links because of technology and web development and that it changes all the links as described above.

President Obama @Potus44 Source: https://twitter.com/POTUS44/status/822446334787600385

Rumors going around that George Floyd has a double headed eagle tattoo on his chest, but a shirtless video still shows that his tattoo is that of an eagle and looking closely is not a ‘double head’ masonic eagle but a single, with both claws on the machine gun. Tattoo looks more like a military style tattoo more than anything.

Here is the screenshot again with the Image Resolution raised to Full 1080p, zoomed in, and with the levels turned up to show the tattoo more. You can see it’s a single head eagle, with two claws holding a machine gun. Take note that this looks like a Military/SWAT tattoo but when did Floyd get it? It looks like an armature tattoo he may have gotten in jail nothing more. Mr Floyd didnt have an exact good relationship with the police throughout his life as it has been found with the court systems documents and his record.

George Floyd rumors heavily passed around that one of the cameras shows him not having a tattoo. By looking closely on a COMPUTER and not a cheap cellphone with an APP that can manipulate resolution. The same video with a camera still shows George Floyd and his tattoo, on a PC you can also make out that the low res image on the left ALSO has the tattoo just in lower quality.

Resturant Video Surveilance Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDd5GlrgvsE

Cheap Cell Phone Screenshot vs Computer Camera Still vs Levels Turned up. Shows that the tattoo is there on the video and the problem is that people are sharing screenshots from low res cell phones and app editors.

Video of George Floyd arrest with tattoo:
Contrast Levels: Adjusted
Hue Levels: Adjusted
Eagle Tattoo can be clearly seen

Conspiracies claiming that George Floyd is “Bald and has no hair” in one meme containing a cheap video screenshot that is blurred. This raises the suspicion that the people passing these images around have never seen the full video.

Conspiracies claiming that George Floyd has a white torso and is a mannequin with no legs:
This can be explained the sun is creating glare on his body.
The “no legs” can be explained by his arms obviously being behind him and lifting his body up, causing his legs to look lower on the stretcher, you can see the body making the mold in the cloth.

The suns light rays hitting the skin causes a “white sun glare” this does not mean that the individuals in the selfie photograph below are “half white”

Conspiracy theorists pushing that “George Floyd has no legs” is very confusing when you watch the video.

Officer Thomas Lane is 6’6″
Officer Derek Chauvin 5’8″

Conspiracies Claiming that officer Derek Chauvin is not “Derek Chauvin”

Derek Chauvin’s 1st mugshot has been badly reduced and modified vertically that distorts the picture and having it been shared millions of times the badly modified version is the one being used in the memes and news sources. Conspiracies entitle the officer arrested and or mugshots being “switched”. No, that is incorrect, there is human error and purposeful manipulation involved in this. Having the mugshots next to each other you can see how the left side was reduced vertically.

Images Passed Around Saying George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin is Ben Bailey from “Cash Cab”

#1. Officer Derek Chauvin is 5’9” while Cash Cab taxi driver Ben Bailey is 6’6” – That’s a 9″ difference which can be seen when standing next to the other officers and the SUV.

First Mug Shot Derek Chauvin vs Ben Bailey: Different Hairline, Thinner Hair on Ben, Different Ears, Eyes and Necksize

Derek Chauvin 2nd Mug Shot vs Ben Bailey Headshot: Different Hair Line, Thinning Hair on Ben, Different Eye size, Wrinkles on Ben, Different Ears, Larger Nose on Ben, Different Neck Size

Ben Bailey Professional Headshot vs Derek Chauvin Viral Police Brutality Video
Pro Camera vs Zoomed in Crappy Cellphone Camera
Blurry, still shows hair thinning, different ears, different nose, different eyes

Derek Chauvin: Police Brutality Killing Video vs Professional Camera Mugshot

Low Resolution vs High Resolution
Zoomed in vs In Place
Same Ears, Same Eyes, His left eye is bigger than his right. same nose, same hairline, same beard growth

Larger Left Eye = Match
Nose = Match
Mouth Crease Left Side = Match
Ears = Match
Bearth Growth = Match
Hairline = Match
Same Shape Head = Match

Overlay picture of Mugshot and Outdoor video still making a face:

Even the forehead wrinkles match

Top Overlayed Image: Derek Chauvin Pro Mug Shot vs Cheap Cellphone Camera Zoomed in
Same Ears Same Hairline, Same Nose, Left eye bigger than right.

You can also see that the profile image on the bottom with the police uniform has been flipped horizontally, there is a possibility that the officer’s right ear may be a different shape and pointier than the left ear in the police mug shot. Conspiracies claim that he has a longer neck while dismissing that Derek Chauvin has a thick bulletproof vest on and a collared blue shirt. Derek Chauvin’s head is slightly turned when he was in his uniform and is photographed 100% on his side profile for a clear side view in jumpsuit photo. You can see bends at different angles he is evidently looking towards different directions in both shots causing for total discrepancies for conspiracy with:
1. Different left and right ears being compared.
2. Different Head Angle.
3. Camera Resolution.
4. Indoor vs Outdoor Lighting.
5. Camera Focal Lengths.
6. Cheap cell phone camera zoomed in with Outdoor Lighting.
7. Professional Camera for Police Mug Shot with Indoor Lighting.

George Floyd conspiracies claim that no one was wearing masks? If we are clearly having issues discussing the evident disinformation created by the conspiracy theorists on this case with the visual confirmation of Derek Chauvin, can you imagine the discussions occurring if all the officers had masks on? Not everyone cares or cared about masks the since the beginning of the whole COVID Complot not everyone wore masks. If the officers had masks on the murder would be more of a cold-blooded scenario, and the ear loop medical mask would be deemed an executioners mask; in turn, the whole protest would have a whole different narrative adding the banning of masks and COVID hysteria even more. Without a mask, individuals are clearly having visually challenging issues making out the difference between Ben Bailey from Cash Cab and the Police Officer that was arrested on murder charges, the officers having masks on would make it even WORSE.


Derek Chauvin is not Ben Bailey can be proven when compared to a Ford SUV average height of 5’8″, Derek Chauvin is 5’9″ and has police boots on, the other way to prove Derek Chauvin is not 6’6” is when you seen him next to his fellow officer Thomas Lane which you can see is as tall or taller than George Floyd and when he is on the stretcher in the video Thomas Lane and Derek Chauvin are right next to each other.

Thomas Lane is the initial arresting officer that approached George Floyd when he was in the drivers seat and got him out. Thomas Lane was the officer on top of George Floyds legs when he was on the ground with a knee on his neck.

Conspiracy Theories that the police vehicles are “not police vehicles” because of the license plates?

Blacked out or generic police plates are used in different states according to their own jurisdictions. This all depends on the jurisdiction. Some locales don’t require plates on marked government vehicles and just have a number painted on the police vehicle. In Georgia, most marked and unmarked cars have a specific government tag. The newer ones have a prefix that starts with GV____ and a decal marking state, city, county, or board government. Everyone in search of answers may want to check with the specific jurisdiction and see what their local rules are instead of believing everything on a meme on the internet.

Minnesota Police Departments have license plates that say “POLICE”. Sheriff’s office vehicles have plates that say “SHERIFF”, Minnesota State Patrol vehicles have plates that say “STATE PATROL.

Some of the older Georgia law enforcement vehicles have just five to seven numerical digits with the government decals. GA also doesn’t require front plates on any vehicle. Some cars just come pre-fab with the spot for a front plate because it’s easier than special ordering a clean front depending on the model. they also have what we call confidential plates for some undercover vehicles. They have the pattern and look of a regular tag but don’t return to anything if you run them through NCIC – this has to be done through special channels and is done to protect some who work in special/higher risk assignments.

People dont believe Derek Chauvin is a cop?

1. If he’s not a cop, why did the police department protect his house for days when he was there?
2. If he’s not a cop, why does he have a police brutality record since 2005?
3. If he’s not a cop, why has no officer come forth to say “he’s not a cop”?
4. If it’s fake how many people are getting paid to say it is? There’s 2 medical examiners, and still no “leak”
5. If he wasn’t a cop, how did they find his address?

A Simpsons Tribute made days after the murder is being passed around as being already in a show years prior

George Floyd Simpsons Images are not from the show, they are a tribute and not a “prediction”

Source: https://www.aap.com.au/simpsons-images-of-george-floyd-are-a-tribute-not-a-prediction-from-a-past-show/

This is not the first time someone has had a heart attack with a similar panic, and arrest procedure.
Dallas Police body cameras show moment Tony Timpa stopped breathing, cardiac arrest.

The ‘Ultra Truther Community’ cries out “Mason” when they see a Geomatria number which in turn can be used against them.

I think we got lucky, the guy 46 years old panicked and had a heart attack, and at the same time debunking the COVID19 narrative with the riots which everyone needed real bad. I’d say it was God-Sent, but the whole “I’m too woke to fall for it” culture has become a cancer in which everything is fake and now police dont kill anyone. At the same time the same “ultra truthers” spamming the hashtag #ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). This comes to a dilemma for the “truther community”; there is no compelling evidence that he died, and they themselves don’t have any compelling evidence that he’s alive?
MSM says He’s Dead = “No Evidence”
Truthers say He’s Alive = “No Evidence”

As of June, George Floyd cause of death has had 2 medical examiners:
The City Medical Examiner (Hennepin County Medical Examiner Autopsy)
The Second Opinion Medical Examiner (Attorney Independent Autopsy Hired by Family)
The Epstein Medical Examiner (Dr. Michael Baden Autopsy)

For the first time we have a live video of a police snuff film, usually the cops kill someone and the only survivor is the police officer and their side of the story. But now because it was next to a trashcan with a ‘number 6’ they say it’s faked. But does that mean the illuminati work at the trash company? I thought they ruled the world?

According to the “Truther” community 4 police officers got arrested by someone that faked their death because they saw a “Number 6” on a trashcan. Makes a lot of sense

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ex-minneapolis-cop-told-other-officers-you-shouldn-t-do-n1225136

June 9th, 2020 Houston Texas, George Floyd Memorial final stop with a larger coffin, bringing the smaller coffin conspiracies to rest because there was no one in them and smaller, the red bars represent the coffin with 388 pixels each and put next to the speakers and sign language interpreter for comparison. Using diminution and a hypothesis that the height of 6’6” would equate having the speakers being 10′ feet away from the coffin.

Screenshot Source taken by Live George Floyd Funeral Service in Houston Texas June 9th, 2020
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mufpOyoFrrg

All these theories created and not a single person has put forth their case to get these officers out of jail because they claim it is “faked”:
Numerous Bystanders filming with their personal cell phones
2 Restaurant Surveillance cameras
2 Medical Examiners
2 Family Lawyers
4 Officers Arrested
4 Lawyers representing each officer

and no “leak” just theories that can be debunked by a third grader that is not Visually Challenged.

4 thoughts on “George Floyd is NOT Stephen Jackson & Other Disinfo Campaigns”

  1. This is a very good explanation of many “anomalies” and “should” clear up any misunderstandings from surface level analysis being spread on the internet like wildfire!

    I have one thing I’d like to point out. In the group of pictures of Derek Chouvin’s mugshot and in his police uniform overlaid images. The bottom left mugshot is correct, but the picture to the right where he is wearing sunglasses and his uniform, the police patch that states Minneapolis is reversed. So, it is a mirror image. Therefore, this is comparing left and right sides. I’ve “attempted” to not much avail on Twitter that people were comparing different ears, head angle, resolution, lighting, focal length, etc.

    Thanks for doing this work!

    1. Thanks, we’re trying, we also just added 3 more debunkings of disinfo memes and discussions onto this report ie:
      “George Floyd Has No Hair” -Debunked
      “George Floyd Has No Legs” – Debunked
      “George Floyd is White” – Debunked

      1. When any grammar is missing and/or taken out of context, the logic becomes “garbage in, garbage out”, and then the rhetoric becomes “Hey, look at this fakery!”
        People are easily deceived by missed or imagined details that are easily explained while ignoring the larger deceptions that takes about the same time and attention to investigate.
        Thanks again!

  2. Thomas Lane, who is 5’9″… is the ”same height, or taller” than George FLoyd, who is 6’6″…and also the same height as the 5’8″ SUV….Ummm.

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