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Are the Winter & Desert Regions the Safest Areas From COVID-19???

Map Source: John Hopkins University Live Coronavirus Map https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

Very NOTICEABLE visual inconsistencies with the official narrative of the “COVID virus” using the Official COVID Map from May 22, 2020.  The article’s main image is a screenshot of the John Hopkins University Live COVID-19 Cases Map.  

Russia: Next Door to Ground Zero = Not all Red
Africa: Most HIV/AIDS/Immunodeficiency Cases in the world = Not all Red
Canada: Always cold and next to USA (which has the most ‘COVID’ cases) = Not all Red
Australia: only 101 deaths as of May 22, 2020?

In Mid-February (the dawn of the COVID complot) Bill Gates said on record with his messiah-like projections that coronavirus was going to be the worst in Africa:
Africa has the most HIV/AIDS/Immunodeficiency cases in the world would dictate that the “deadly virus” would be more contagious among the populace of the African Continent.
Quote: “Bill Gates has warned that coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths.”
Source Link Feb 15, 2020: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/02/15/coronovirus-bill-gates-warns-10-million-deaths-virus-spreads/

Throughout the many months of the worldwide house arrest (medical martial law) coronavirus scare, this live “COVID” map live streaming and its red areas have held the same pattern and the same ratio; but the constant buildup of the cases being only in the USA and not anywhere else doesn’t make any sense mathematically, scientifically, or logically; the numbers plain and simple DO NOT add up, and the whole scenario defies common sense and reasoning.

As of May 22, 2020 “Extremely Contagious Virus COVID-19” which originated at Ground Zero Wuhan, China- has failed to pour into the following nearest next-door countries of China as well.

Neighboring Countries to China COVID-19 Cases as of May 22, 2020:

Country:PopulationCasesDeathsSurvival Rate%
by Contagion
Survival Rate%
By Population
Kazakhstan 18,280,0008,5313599.58973%99.99981%

Map of China and its Neighboring Countries

The majority of the public believes that there are only two Power Nations in the world (the USA and Russia) with Russia being the official Boogeyman of the USA for over 70 years (a bigger Boogeyman than Osama Bin Laden himself). The liberal media believes that being in peaceful ties with Russia is “collusion.” I know for a fact that if President Trump declared war against Russia the same liberal media that has accused him of “collusion” daily will call him a “War Mongerer.”

Many intelligent individuals know that there is nothing that makes these corrupt news sources happy with anything, they will twist and deform any phrase or word to manipulate the minds of billions of people to go with their manipulated narratives using their manipulative ways.

If Trump is friends with Russia (his wife is from there) = “Trump is a Treasonous Colluder”
If Trump is going to WAR with Russia = “Trump is a War Mongerer”

CNN has a conspiracy theory that Putin is holding back COVID cases and figures. So is Putin in charge of all the countries in the entire world with low cases and deaths as well?  Russia is a small country, it only has a population of 140 million, the USA has 330 million, and the television with the corrupt major news sources, Hollywood, and small screen TV programming has conditioned the public to believe that they are “The Red Giant”, which has been the same refried bean story since the Cold War of Russian Boogeymen. How is Russia a “giant” with half of the population of the United States? Russia is constantly demonized to be “The Red Giant” yet Russia has 10% of the population of China and India. How can “The Red Giant” with 140 million people be “a Giant” vs 2 countries that have over a billion people in each one like China and India?
CNN Russia Low Numbers Conspiracy Theory: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/17/europe/russia-coronavirus-time-zones-intl/index.html

SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) was reported on December 31, 2019, and that is according to the Official Source Center of Disease and Control Records (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Under Summary: “A pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019.” – WHO & CDC USA.
Source Link: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/events-as-they-happen

The scientists giving the public the information on the television news networks said continuously and with an extreme demeanor that the virus is EXTREMELY contagious and that the strict guidelines must be followed by everyone in the world keep 6 feet apart, wash your hands 5 times a day for 20 seconds, use alcohol hand sanitizer, and use a face mask where ever you go.   We are into Memorial Day May 25, 2020, with these strict guidelines that have shut down the world, the economy, businesses, and jobs with a world record number for unemployment has been reached.  The “extreme contagion” and measures taken for this virus have caught up to the point that they don’t make sense, and they never did make sense even one week into the worldwide house arrest.

China being Ground Zero of COVID-19 has had a lot of difficulties spreading into its neighboring countries throughout the many months of the COVID Hysteria. Russia is the prime example of this COVID Contagion Discrepancy in the official WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation COVID Narrative, and their repetitive neurolinguistic phrase on the major news networks as “The Most Highly Potent & Contagious Virus Ever” that they have repeated for months on end on the television news networks.   The other neighboring countries which should be affected heavily by COVID from ground zero Wuhan China are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Japan.

Who Ate Bat-Soup in USA?

Scientists Discover link of the Kung-Flu (COVID-19) to wet shops in China:
Confirmed by scientists.

Who ate Bat-Soup in the United States during fall season 2019-2020??? As of May 22, 2020, there are 1,600,937 cases and 95,979 deaths of Bat-Soup COVID19, so how many Bat-Soup serving restaurants are in the United States of America? That’s right! No restaurant serves Bat-Soup, and no one ate Bat-Soup! There is no Bat-Soup serving restaurant in all of the United States. Are there black-market wet-shops stationed within the USA that sell Fruit Bats to sell for Bat-Soup? The USA is bloodshot red of “COVID cases” 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the television news because of the alleged Bat-Soup Virus from Wuhan China 2019.

The number of Bat-Soup Serving Restaurants in the United States of America as of 2020 is ZERO.
How many COVID diagnostic tests were done for the bloodstream and urinary tract? How many tests were preformed for Fruit Bat Cells during the COVID-19 hysteria in the USA? The answer is ZERO TESTS! THERE WERE NO SUCH TESTS PERFORMED!!!
ALSO! It does not take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure out that there is no one around you dying on the floor either.

Classifying all deaths as Corona even if Corona didn’t cause the death is simply a lie” – Elon Musk April 30th, 2020
incentives matter” – Elon Musk April 30th, 2020
Source Twitter Elon Musk Official: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1255918585991454721

Why does the United States and the United Kingdom have the highest rate of “The COVID”? It’s because they are the most easily brainwashed and conditioned by the television using fake virus models, fake figures, fake cases, and fake deaths.

“Trust the experts” the phrase used to hypnotize the public by the medical and science corruption of big pharma to inflate worldwide hysteria to sell a vaccine, and ban over the counter medicine so you can wait for “their solution.” Even with their fake inflated case numbers in the USA, the survival rate of “The COVID” is at 99% which will cause the WHO, CDC, NIH’s worldwide house arrest to be known as a medical embarrassment. They tried their best to fake as many cases as possible in the USA, but the non-red map shows that 197 known countries are not all in playing along with the COVID Charade that was planned for the USA for many years. The active live streaming COVID maps prove it even when the diagnosed cases of the virus are questionable and sketchy themselves. Who are these people who have plotted against the United States Citizens? This is an attack on American soil, the purposefully increased numbers is more than enough reason to raise suspicion on this matter. Some very crafty people orchestrated this event to cause mass hysteria to sell a vaccine and bet that everyone was gullible to fall for it.
See how influenza was switched with “COVID”: https://bit.ly/cdcswitchesfluwithcoviddeaths

To further expose the embarrassing COMPLOT-19 Charade is by removing the lives lost by the individuals that had pre-existing serious comorbidities, complicating issues, pre-existing conditions, the elderly, AND those with immune deficiencies, (literally 5 sources of HIGH probability situations here) and rounding up to the nearest whole number- the coronavirus contagion turns out to be an almost 100% survival rate; BUT! DO NOT expect the television news to tell you that!

As of May 22nd, 2020 the death TOTAL of “COVID” is 338,160 people, and that is “IF” we take their mainstream figures on the face value of it. The total population in the world is 7.9 billion people, and the deaths of the alleged “COVID” is 338,160.

With these official numbers of “COVID Cases” and the “COVID Deaths” anyone can use Primary School Elementary 3rd Grade Math to calculate percentages.

= 0.00004280506329113924
= 0.00428050632911392405
= 99.9957194937% Survival Rate – World Wide- With SKETCHY ‘Official COVID Cases”

Russians Live next door to Ground Zero of the COVID-19 “China Virus”, and no one will figure it out yet.

Russia: Next Door to COVID-19 Ground Zero (China).

Source Extremely Credible CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/17/europe/russia-coronavirus-time-zones-intl/index.html

= 0.00933799

= 99.0662% Survival Rate in Russia
Per CNN.com

Canada: Where it’s ALWAYS cold and next door to USA.
6360/7900000000 = 0.00016919393
Survival Rate = 99.9830806065%

Africa: The Highest Rate of nationwide HIV/AIDS, Polio, and Immunodeficiency cases, but in the United States of America, they have the highest cases of the alleged “COVID” and death rate BECAUSE OF BIG PHARMA INCENTIVES and congressional complots.
Once again It does not take a rocket scientist like Elon Musk to realize that Africa amid all those atrocities it goes through are not dying of “the COVID”

Television News LOVES to inflate hysteria with visual graphs hiding recovery rates:
Source articles:

Australia: 25 million people only 101 deaths as of May 22nd, 2020 in 6 months since December 2019
101/25,000,000 = 0.00000404
= 99.999596% Survival Rate Nation Wide

India “COVID” deaths: 3163
India “COVID” cases: 101000

= 0.03131683

96.8683167% Survival Rate in India per Case

India has a Total Population of 1.3 billion.

India “COVID” deaths: 3163
India population: 1.3 billion (official records)

= 0.00000243307692307692

99.99975669% Survival Rate per India Whole Population

Men lie, women lie, kids lie, governments lie, numbers don’t lie: Medical professionals and corrupt science CDC & NIH lie about fake virus models and COVID deaths for vaccine profit and the New World Order complot.

The man thought to be Australia’s youngest coronavirus death did not actually have the virus at all, Queensland Health has confirmed.
Nathan Turner, 30, died in regional Queensland last week.

According to a recent Forbes article, 42% of alleged coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes (0.6% of the population). Other Americans are experiencing a survival rate, thus far, of 99.98%…

CDC just released their current COVID Best Estimates Age 0-50 — 99.97% survival All Ages — 99.76% survival rate CDC Link

Using science in a controlled study, researchers at the NIH show that a COVID-19 patient was exposed to 455 uninfected people and ZERO became infected.

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