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2.3 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Submitted in California Dec 16th 2019

Update to This Case: https://hiddenscience.org/update-2-3-trillion-dollar-lawsuit-papers-delivered-feb-27-2020/
There is a whistleblower already exposing all this through the court system, and the papers delivered and they cannot dismiss the case.
Page 26 Line 21 States

Is your phone showing ads for what you just talked about? If it IS doing that what about conversations you have while engaging in political discussions or news that just doesn’t make sense across the world from the mainstream narrative? What we have been warning people about has hit the fan in a big way and being completely ignored.

Just 2 weeks ago on December 16, 2019, in a La Jolla Court here in California, a man by the name of Cyrus A Parsa (who more than likely had a hand in the creation of this technology) is from the company named The AI Organization. He is blowing the whistle and has called for a 2.3 trillion dollar lawsuit on a case that should be all over FOX news, ABC, CNN etc, but because it is against the mainstream Big 6 News Media (the corporate news sources) this case in not even heard of and being kept under wraps.

Before I go into a few of the details of the case I have to say to you that the case submitted is REAL and you can download a copy of the 50-page document
at the law.scu.edu Santa Clara University School of Law official website.

Here is the link below.
*you can either download the PDF directly from the link above or you can review the PDF at the end of this article.

The case calls forth harsh accusations of violations of SEVERAL Articles of the Genocide Convention and the Nuremberg Code which is a set of research Ethics Principles for human experimentation created as a result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War.

The PDF is only 50 pages, I have gone through and read all of it and what I mentioned above is just the peak of the iceberg.
The case involves, and I quote SEVERAL of the 25 accusations & complaints from the submitted court document:

#3. Transfer of AI Weapons to China
#4. Complicity in Genocide in China
#11. Brainwashing Humanity with A.I. Coding & Algorithm Bias.
#24. Violation of the Nuremberg Code
#25. Creating an artificial intelligence system that can recognize and decode if humans are resistant to Artificial Intelligence

***A good mention & rehash of what the case entitles would be on Page 5 of 50: Line 12 of the law.scu.edu La Jolla Court Document.

“Providing to China’s government, their corporations and nefarious entities,
Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Body Detection, Skeleton Detection,
Vital Organ Recognition, Emotion detection, Skin and Health Biometric and
other Al technology that led to persecution, torture, organ harvesting, death
and cremation of human beings in China, not limited to Uighur, Falun Dafa,
Christian, Tibetan, Democracy activists, judges, attorneys, common citizens
and other minority groups. Endangering the world by Weaponizing China’s Al
Capabilities that is be laid on the (BRI) One Belt One Road linking Asia,
Middle East, Africa and Europe, endangering all of humanity. Same violations
of facts number 1, 2 and 3.”

If you look at the PDF the names that are called out are BIG names; a few are Google LLC, Facebook inc, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk.
The judge who will be handling this case is going to be out of his mind, for this was just submitted on the
16th of December (just 12 days ago), and the names are some big players in the technology field of what we use today;
so you can expect that there will be a large thwart and deflect process by expensive lawyers, bribery, and even death threats on all this.

What’s being addressed in a nutshell is the use of 5G technology, using radiation to mess with people’s biology/bio-metrics, using the public as without their consent aka lab rats, etc. Another person of importance involved is Eric Schmidt, who is the ex-CEO of Google LLC, and how Google USA giving China technology to create an Internet Social Credit System meaning “being a good obeyer” online will get you rewards or sent to jail and/or Chinese concentration camps, etc.

This guy is basically warning everyone in the USA that China is being used as a lab rat for all this before it hits over here.

Page 26 Line 21 States: Any Person. Attorney, or entity, attempting to dismiss this case, can and would be face Article 2, 3 and 4 of the Genocide Convention, not to exclude public tribunals. Millions of people in China are depending on this lawsuit

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